Bartender Lingo You Should Know About

No matter if you want to understand your bartender on your next day out or you simply want to gain additional knowledge to impress your friends, I am here to help. I was always fascinated by bartender jargon, which is why I researched on my own. So, I came up with this article in which I shared the most interesting (and funny) bartender lingo you need to know. By the end of this article, you will be able to impress your friends with your knowledge!

Neat, up or straight up?

When it first heard these expressions, I laughed. I really thought the bartender was laughing about me. In most cases, `straight up` means that you want a glass of alcohol without any fancy addition and accompanied by ice. Yet, if you want something served at room temperature, you might say `neat`. It means the same thing as `straight up`, but it is served at room temperature without ice. And if you want a cold drink without ice in your glass, you will say `up`.

A jigger, a splash, a nip, or a pony shot?

If you were in a bar and asked for a shot the bartender most likely asked you how you’d like it. And to help you clarify things, I discovered there are plenty of variations when it comes to shots. A `jigger` is the term used for serving a shot glass with an alcohol content of an ounce and a half of liquor. A `pony shot` is the one measuring one ounce of alcohol, while a `nip` has two ounces. And the `splash` is the most consistent, as it will have an impressive eight ounces.

Cocktail or mixed drink?

When I didn’t possess a lot of knowledge about cocktails, I always assumed these were mixed drinks. But to my surprise, I discovered that cocktails and mixed drinks are not the same thing. Basically, if it were to read the definitions in a bartender’s book, you will see the following. A mixed drink is the one that features some liquor mixed with a flavored ingredient. And a cocktail is a more sophisticated drink, consisting of a mix of spirits, bitters, sugar and water.

Back or chaser?

Admit it! You were asked at least once by a bartender whether or not you want a back or a chaser. So, if you want something non-alcoholic alongside your drink, you will have to ask for a back. But if you want something to drink after a shot, you will have to ask for a chaser.


Even though Martini might appear to be a simple drink, in reality is rather complicated. It can be served wither shaken or stirred, while not all types of Martini can be accompanied by olives. As an example, Vermouth is the main ingredient in any glass of Martini. Yet you need to decide on the dry levels. This refers to the amount of Vermouth you want in your drink. A dry Martini has little Vermouth, while a Wet Martini has a lot of Vermouth. And you can even order the Perfect Martini, which will have a balanced amount of Vermouth.

Article written by Terry DeVaughn, writer for The Atlantic, MacWorld, and Credit Glory.

Tips for Making the Best Cocktails

Admit it! You enjoy sipping cocktails, and you do believe it will make the best experience if you were able to create the best cocktails straight in your kitchen. But if you are like me, you might feel like it is a bit tricky to achieve the same level of talent a bartender has. Anyhow, I took the time to experiment with several cocktail recipes and came up with the best tips and tricks that helped me master cocktails at home. So, let’s see up next how you can do the same as I did! Read on to find out my insights on the top tips for making the best cocktails at home.

Quality over quantity

So, the first thing you need to take into account is the quality of the alcohol used for your cocktails. Hence, it is always best to have better quality over quantity. This will have a direct impact on the taste and flavor of your cocktail.

Use ice wisely

Indeed, plenty of cocktail recipes indicate you should use crushed ice. But some types of alcohol modify their taste due to it. My top recommendation is to use different ice trays to achieve distinct ice sizes. As such, you will manage to create a unique cocktail, which can significantly improve the quality of your beverage.

Use mint

If you take the time to read about the most popular cocktail recipes on the globe, you will discover that many of those have as their ingredient mint. So, when I add mint to my beverages, I always opt for clapping the leaves in my hands. This technique activates the aromas in the leaves, which in turn get mixed in the liquids. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t shred too much the leaves, as it can make them extremely bitter.

Squeeze citrus just before you use them

I’ve seen many of my friends squeezing lemons or oranges several minutes ahead of adding them to the beverage. And I can tell you from my experience that this can have a bad effect on your drink. Instead of doing this, I always recommend squeezing your citric seconds before mixing them in your cocktail. Such fruits tend to oxidize rapidly, which is why it can make your drink extremely sour if left unattended for too long.

Add sugar with caution

Several cocktail recipes make you add sweet ingredients. And you might be tempted to add a lot more than the recipe indicates. My tip for making the best cocktails is to add as little sugar as possible. It will help you preserve the original flavor of your liquor, making your beverage tastier.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Who says it is best to follow a recipe to the letter? From my experience, I discovered that adding a personal touch to your cocktails can make them even better. So, if you are planning to make a cocktail at home, I do encourage you to use your imagination and creativity. I guarantee it will make the best experience!

The Most Popular Cocktails in the World

Cocktails have been around for many centuries now, and many professionals attempted to create several variations for basic recipes. Of course, it all depends on personal taste, and there are plenty of people who choose to enjoy a classic cocktail. If you are looking forward to discovering the most popular cocktails in the world, I am here to share my insights with you. After researching 2019s trends, I discovered the top cocktails bartenders served the most! So, let’s see up next, which were the most stylish and demanded cocktails on the globe.

#1 Negroni

Negroni is an Italian cocktail, which gained a lot of popularity in the past years due to its enticing taste. It is made out of gin, vermouth, and Campari. But what makes this old fashion drink stand out is how it is prepared. A perfect Negroni glass is stirred and not shaken. Also, it is built over ice, meaning you won’t have to add the ice later on. And in some parts of the world, bartenders place a nice slice of orange on the side.

The official Negroni recipe is:

Add 3 cl of gin, 3 cl of sweet red vermouth, and 3 cl of Campari.
Mix the ingredients in a glass in which you added some ice and served it in an old-fashioned glass.
The best time of the day to have Negroni is just before dinner.

#2 Margarita

We all know Margarita, and accordingly, to 2019’s trends, it was one of the top drinks served all over the world. It is a famous cocktail made out of a significant amount of tequila mixed with juices. And what I like the most about it is the special glass in which it is served. The tall and wide Margarita glass became a statement for this drink.

The official Margarita recipe is:

Add 3.5 cl of tequila, 2 cl of Cointreau, and 1.5 cl of lime juice.
Pour the ingredients in a shaker and add ice. Shake the mix until everything gains a uniform consistency.
Pour the mixture in a Margarita glass and serve with salt.
This drink can be served all day long, especially in the afternoon.

#3 Manhattan

In every bar you will visit in this world, you will find on the menu the Manhattan cocktail. Usually, it is made from whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. But there are plenty of variations, based on the bartender’s approaches. It was created back in 1870d in New York City, and it took the name of the place in which it was firstly served: the Manhattan club.

The official Manhattan recipe is:

Add 5cl of whiskey, 2 cl of sweet red vermouth, and dash angostura bitters.
Mix the ingredients over ice and pour the content in a chilled glass.
Use a cocktail glass and add a cherry as a garnish.
The best time of the day to have this drink is before or after dinner.

So, these are the top three most popular cocktails in the world. Of course, there are plenty of other beverages that might entice your taste buds, but I do believe these three are one of the best.